So go outside

Small Rain Storm                                            04/26/02

The Accord site is no longer, i am rid of the car.  Where did it go, do you ask?

On Bell Honda's car lot, waiting to be sold...

Let them sell it, i say.  I, in the meantime, ran out of the dealership screaming "better deal" up and down the street.  Anyway.  This week i started my training at Cox Communications, and have been spending the bulk of the time learning how to sell their wonderful services.  Ask me why i'm learning this, when, in reality, i won't be a salesman..... I apologize, i'm not a sales oriented person.  This gives itself to be seen, in full majestic light, when you remember that i couldn't sell my own car.

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Never to be wrong
Never to make promises that break
It's like singing in the wind
Or writing on the surface of a lake

Sting, Be Still My Beating Heart










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