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It doesn't help that I'm not a very good designer.  Every time I decide to get moving on this blog, I want to update the overall design, and it sucks me in.  I'm fairly proud of myself this time.  I updated the landing page, and that was that.

I looked back on the archive pages at what was written for 2008 and realized that it was my poorest showing yet.  I had great ambitions!  The noblest of intentions, I swear.  I wanted 2008 to be the year where I never went a single week without some sort of inane rambling on OTW, but alas; that certainly was not the case.  Even now, I can tell that it will be hard going with this year...I'm not working, which means I'm not really using my brain at the moment.  Every word feels like it's being chiseled away unwillingly from the recesses of my mind. 

So yes, for those of you who did not already know, I left employment at Cox Communications in December of last year.  I'd like to say it was a hard decision, but gently thinking back on the matter brings instant confirmation even now that it was not only the right decision for me, but the only decision.  I was pretty miserable with my position after SaraJane was born.  Not seeing her 12 hours out of the day was torture, so I went on a leave of absence from September until December.  It only took me two days in the office after my leave to make my final decision.  I haven't really looked back since then.

So now, I'm the stay at home dad.  It's been dandy watching my kids grow and learn, even if the things they learn are from me and can, at times, be silly.  Since Jenna works a generous yet demanding schedule, we all get to hang out more than we ever have before. 

I ought to be doing way more than I currently am, which is part of the reason for jumping back on OTW.  I've spent way too much time lately on Facebook and Blogger.  I'd like to say that most of the newer stuff will find its way on here, but I won't make any promises for now.

That's it for now.  I'll be back later to annoy you with more verbal contributions. 

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