23 March 2009

Time passes away,

leaving treasures unlocked,

and misery and hope

mingle together in a fine jam,

When you hear life’s triumphant chime

you can almost taste the sweetness

and bitterness is swept away

in a sea of tranquility

As I open my mind

and let the cool breeze of joy fill my heart

it is then that I am close

it is then that it feels real

it is then that I am able to feel the gracious touch of divinity

that has far flew from my hands

and lost itself in a far star laden plain

where only dreams fear to tread its awesome depths

with their armour of hope

where only wishes can tarry

and there wait in patient hiding

till the time comes that all can be done

and the dreams and hopes

of a little boy

can show themselves

to the world.


RyanDavid Burningham, 1998

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