23 March 2009

Rain cascading down
on the cold Bronx streets
tapping the old dirty pavement
weaving its way through the barren branches of trees
and finding its way onto the grass
where a single house rests on its laurels
and little squirrels play tag with one another
ignoring the storm

The rain takes its journey
across rooftops and sidewalks
falls into alleyways
cleaning the city of its discarded flyers
and refused advertisements
washes away the grime of the borough
so it can get trashed another day

The rain falls the same way in the Bronx
as it would where you are
but a different purpose it has
each droplet tagged and numbered
reaching its destination and starting a new task

Rain comes down
but the wildlife of the jungle goes on
with the tasks and jobs
such is life in the concrete forest
until it rains another day


RyanDavid Burningham, 1998

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