23 March 2009

September 8th 1998

Ah, the wonder of passing time
whisking away the thoughts of patience
can you not help but wonder
what life has in store?

Sandpaper images are all I find
seemingly corrosive to every second
the guilt of innocence of what pains me
why is it so?

A stream of a river
beautiful mountain of blessed memory
have no place
in the disciplined and trained mind

And once having realized the fact
I crumple up the sandpaper images
and then do I realize that my hands are scratched
and begin to bleed

Where was the beauty in that?
how could I have been so blind?
I canít bear to think of the consequences
of shutting out ones emotions

what do you see?
more important-
how do you feel?
Therein can most questions truly be answered.


RyanDavid Burningham

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