23 March 2009

October 24th 1998

There could be great depths
in once glass of water
and you could never see them

What was the journey that took place
that brought that small glass of water here?
What stories could be told?

The elements that have always been here
since the forming of the foundation
what things have they seen?

It could be told of a torrential flood
that took over a town in a single night
or it might be told of a young boys thirst
that was quenched by the summer rain

It could be written of a seven year drought
Where sustenance could not be found
Or it could be told of a joyous feast
Where everyone was filled

There could be stories of a winter freeze
when the country was still in its steps
or it might be said of natures rage
which was curbed by a valiant fight

There’s more it seems than what meets the eye
upon ones quick glance
There are stories to be told in everything seen
you’ve just got to give it a chance


RyanDavid Burningham

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