23 March 2009

I cling to this day

as if I do not want it to end

the rinse and repeat pattern of my life

does not appeal to me now

if I had marked this day as fascinating

what would have been different?

what cast of characters would be enlisted to

act out the scenes of everyday life?

as if to add a mystery to the novel del dia

I want to clarify,

if not uncover the liars that wrote the book of rhetoric

and see if they will confess their crimes

and it was not enough

the day presses on

it will soon become a brand new day

one full of new twists and parallel connections

a day that will fill me with pride

and swell within my breast

as the song of the working man

makes me who I am

and thus I concede

but the month is young

and does not travel quickly

I am ok with that

yes, that will do


RyanDavid Burningham

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