19 March 2006

At Outside The World, Web site development is broken into two stages.  This is done to streamline costs and ensure our customers can budget appropriately.

Web Site Consulting: This includes client contact, development, preliminary artwork, site navigation design, hosting consultation, and general consulting.
This is charged at only $25.00 per hour.

Web Site Construction: This is generating the actual html files and uploading
them and graphics files to the server. These are charged per the table below:

Site Construction Includes five graphics, unlimited hyperlinks, and e-mail address redirection $50.00 per page.
Graphic (inserted) Customer provides the picture in a supported file format 4 per page. $5.00 each additional per page.
Graphic (derived or scanned) Customer provides a picture from a photograph or other non-copyrighted source $10.00 per image.
Order Form E-mail based or order form. Must have FrontPage extensions available $85.00 each.
Contact Form E-Mail based contact form.  Must have FrontPage extensions available $65.00 each
Catalog Catalog page for 5 products. $100.00
Photo Gallery Up to 20 images, additional images only $2.50 $200.00 each
Changes Once your site is up and running, changes and maintenance may be completed out at an hourly rate of $25.00 per hour, or a regular maintenance agreement can be scheduled. $25.00 per hour
Graphic Design Customized graphics, logos, buttons, etc. $25.00 per graphic.
Training Personalized training on maintaining Web site $95.00 per hour.
* Prices shown apply to average circumstances and may vary depending on the complexity and nature of the site.

Questions or comments?  You can always contact us for more information.  We promise to respond to your questions within 24 hours!

Welcome to a whole new experience.  Outsidetheworld.com

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