19 March 2006

Outside the World is New Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Outside The World?
  2. Why Outside The World?
  3. Do you have any referrals?
  4. What are your prices?
  5. How long does it take to complete a Web site?
  6. Will you host my site?
  7. How do I access my Web mail?

What is Outside The World?

Outside The World is a kind of brain-child.  It started out as a literary site, it has now grown into a type of genesis project for me.  It represents, in my mind, all of my passions about life.  I write, I see the world through my own eyes, and I create a place for others to feel the same way.

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Why Outside The World?

Many have told me that I should have retained my literary site separate from my passion for Web site design.  However, I wanted to bring both aspects of my Internet life together, maybe to save time, maybe to try and make it work. Either way, it's here.

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Do you have any referrals?

Outside The World has created several Web sites for both individuals and businesses.  I hope to have these sites permission to share their information on my Web site soon!

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What are your prices?

Generally speaking, a complete Web site design will run $299.00.  As time progresses, we hope to have several additional options for our customers, which could save both time and money.

Please visit our products page for more information!

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How long does it take to complete a Web site?

Again, generally speaking, a fully functional Web site should be online in about two weeks.  However, dependent on the amount of work necessary, it may be much sooner.

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Will you host my site?

At this time, we simply do not have the resources available to meet this particular demand.  Customers must either provide their own Web space for hosting, or Outside The World will locate appropriate hosting.

Typically, your ISP will grant you limited amounts of Web space to use for personal use.  Please contact your ISP for more information.

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How do I access my Web mail?

You can check your MyOTW.net e-mail anytime, anywhere. 

To check your MyOTW.net e-mail account from any computer, please login to the following Web site:


If you do not currently have an e-mail address with us, please sign up for one here!

Any further Questions?  Feel free to Contact Us.

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