23 March 2009

A Collection Of Poetry 

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Written, beginning the 12th day of January, 1998, and continued through my mission to New York City.


It began in 7th grade.  We were starting the poetry unit in English class, and before then, I knew very little about poetry.  I can even remember writing in my classroom journal at the time about how my feelings toward poetry...I thought that poems were a "waste of paper".  I write that verbatim.

After the first few writings, something indescribable happened to me.  I grew from an awkward youth with few friends and a poor attitude to an awkward youth with a talent.

For the first time, I realized that I had potential, I recognized the spark within me. 

I continued off and on to write for a while, and as happens to many, I waxed lazy.  I started taking others' ideas and incorporating them into my work.  Looking back, I still feel quite badly.   Although the sounded quite nice, they were uncreative and paved the way for me to become very apathetic toward the literary world.

So, I quit altogether, telling myself that I simply could not do it anymore.

The coming years were dry.  I had no role models and felt no motivation.  I picked up the pen at the end of my sophomore year, writing a few here and there, but those poor things were lost and now, upon reflection, it's probably better that way.

I do not have a definite start of when I became vigorously interested again.  I only have the date of my first poem, written 24 days after I graduated from high school.  I believe that this is significant, because I could finally be completely creative for a while without any great distraction.

And my first poem was written, or should I say typed, on a little electronic organizer that my mother has bought me for graduation.  That device continues to serve me as a medium for many of my writings, especially when I am at a loss for paper and pen.

So, this is it.  I start now, to see what I have.  I hope that whoever reads these poems can feel what I was experiencing at the time when they were scribed, because that is the preliminary reason for the effort.

Welcome to a whole new experience.  Outsidetheworld.com

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