Friday, December 24, 2021

Just a few meandering thoughts on this Christmas Eve

I love this part of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.  Throughout the episode, there's this crazy energy.  No one sits down, no one breathes.  But outside, in the crystal clear air, Charlie Brown finds a moment to connect with his own heart, and, hearing Linus' words inside himself, is at peace.

Take a moment to breath it all in; they're only this young once.  I'm not saying the magic won't be there in the coming years, but time has a confounding way of transforming it so as to make it nearly unrecognizable.  

I hope that this Christmas season brought you what you desperately needed.  If your heart is broken, may it find comfort.  If you are feeling desperately disconnected from humanity, start with you.  Figure out how to get your head to talk to your heart again, and from there, you may find that the tools you need are already with you.

Merry Christmas, y'all.