Tuesday, March 15, 2022

From somewhere, who knows...

I can no longer count
The beats of my heart
For as the night slackens
My caged chest quickens its pace

Reaching beyond what I know
Peeling back the course layers of daily memory
I touch the raw, contaminate night
Anxious to repair, desperate to acknowledge

And gazing up at the waxing moon
Not remembering the last time it waned, never mind
Light bursts forth from the lesser guard
As it follows its path across the velvet sky

I feel it tenderly-
I belong here, have always felt that comfort
The bewildering entanglement, the drama, the trembling
The solitary yet strongest portion of my soul

The stars remain circular-
Forever moving from their perch
The whole night remains my audience
Whispering the unprotected wind into my ears

The desert's nocturnal footsteps are invisible
Only to the blind in heart
(I fear we all must find ourselves longing)
This is the lesson I learned
From this penultimate and confused winter night