Monday, June 27, 2022

The bad news first

It's just a real shame.  A rotten, crying shame.  There I was in Utah, happily snapping pics of family and nature, none the wiser.  But upon close inspection of the photos, I noticed streaks of light all over the place.  Figuring there was something disturbing the lens on my phone, I turned the phone over, and saw the culprit immediately: my 26mm, seven-element, f/1.5 wide lens' sapphire cap was totally and utterly destroyed.

And it's only gotten worse with time.  Further cracks have appeared, branching outward from the unfortunate impact site.  It's my opinion that the sapphire protecting these cameras is utterly too thin, especially considering how prominent this camera bulge is now.  

I haven't a clue when this happened, but is has sure put a damper on my lust for shooting.  And yeah, my previous post (over a month and a half ago, natch) was an effusive post about how I had grand plans to shoot with this iPhone 5S I found in a drawer.  And while I have taken a few shots here and there, I underestimated how unlikely I am to carry around two phones with me, regardless of the size and shape of the secondary unit.  It also got really hot outside, really quick. Arizona summers are wearing on me in a way I didn't foresee.

Luckily, the other two lenses are intact and in good health.  I took a lovely shot of the Gilbert LDS Temple the other day with the zoom lens on a beautiful rainy day that I just may post when I have the desire.  Until then, just know where I've been, and know that I am not paying the prescribed $440 that Apple wants for this repair.